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Time: 12pm - 1pm

Price $10 - (free if you sign up for Part 2)

Why hire a script supervisor?

A short seminar in how to work with the only department head who’s job is to make your project better, and save you money. An overview of the art of script supervising, continuity and paperwork for producers, directors, production managers and ADs.

Eve Butterly has been a script supervisor since 1989. Early on, she also worked as a producer/production manager until she realized that script supervising was not just a thing she did—it was who she is. She started out working old school, with a clipboard and pencil and a polaroid camera, but has made the transition to digital script supervising using a self-designed program. She has served on the board of Women in Film/Dallas, TAFTP and Women In Communication, Inc, and has given presentations on script supervising at KD College, UT Arlington and SXSW. Her script supervising credits include season 1 of THE GOOD GUYS, and dayplaying on SALEM, DUSK TILL DAWN, PRISON BREAK, DALLAS, and QUEEN OF THE SOUTH, among many other projects. She has worked on everything from low budget indies to big budget features and network episodic television, and with directors such as Jonathan Frakes, Andrjz Sekula, Tim Matheson, Greg Nicotero, Peter Weller, Timothy Busfield and Jennifer Lynch. Eve is a card-carrying member of IATSE Local 484.