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Welcome to Make Your Mark Studios.  Come craft your arts with us.  Film, arts and crafts, and fun.

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Cost: $130

***Open to all ages - we ask 1 parent to accompany a minor***


What is the Skill Set Required to be an A-List Actor - To Launch & Sustain a True 'Entertainment Warrior' Career? How do you step from the wilderness & enter a world of Prolific Work, Recognition and Economic and Psychological Sanctuary.

It's actually all been quantified and synthesized into one curriculum, ONE METHODOLOGY  - not one offered in any film school or any acting program anywhere. It is the basis of the Uncommon Dialogue Films Entertainment Warrior Program - a swift, concise program conceived, founded & initiated by Patrick Kilpatrick - a veteran of 170 films and TV shows - from Broadway to the West End of London to Steven Spielberg's MINORITY REPORT to James Cameron's DARK ANGEL to the largest Production in the History ROANOAK. It comes from a legend of 35 years as lead actor, screenwriter, international producer & director, author, & global acting teacher to hundreds of actors.

Deliver The Goods! Four Hours to A-list Elevation with Patrick Kilpatrick

The 1st hour will quickly & individually identify the reasons why EACH ATTENDEE is not working at the level they wish & provide frugal swift solutions for all such challenges to elevate each to A-list. The holes in one's tapestry of effort will be defined & the route to elevation shown. The 2nd hour will dissect & display the vital & critical components of authentic, dynamic, resonant & powerful auditioning & acting. THE KEY TO THE KINGDOM! Miss one component & miss the mark. Master all components & achieve work and mastery! It's not rocket science, it is creative, & it's a methodology that WORKS - one that must be honored, carried out to the full! 3rd hour - the methodology displayed by participating attendees so that full comprehension of the Methodology is assured. 4th hour - two very different vital fronts (one) breaking down the elements for next level compelling, arresting academy award winning level acting and (two) the hardcore critical steps in creating one's own A-list content to elevate each student out of the vast pack of aspiring rising actors. 

Each Attendee will Receive A Personal Autographed Copy of Dying for LivingSins & Confessions of a Hollywood Villain & Libertine Patriot, Kilpatrick's Best of LA Award Winning Vol, 1 Memoir - containing not only the illuminated origins & pillars of of Kilpatrick's program - but the brazen, hilarious behind the scenes of his upbringing evolution, arrival & ascendancy in Hollywood to work with the greatest actors, directors & production talent of his generation. Dying for Living is being called the greatest Hollywood memoir of the 21st century & hailed by stars like Ron Perlman, James Woods and Joe Mantegna.

Every Attendee will Receive the Complete Printed Deliver the Goods! Curriculum for Future Reference.  

Each Attendee will Receive a Certificate Entitling Them to 20% OFF the Amazon. Com purchase of DYING for LIVING: Wasted Talent in the Valley of Debacle - Vol 2. 

Upcoming Book Signings in the D/FW area:

Feb. 16th 7pm - 9pm

Barnes & Noble Kitchen

Legacy West, Plano

7700 Windrose Ave suite g170, Plano, TX 75024

Earlier Event: February 12