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Welcome to Make Your Mark Studios.  Come craft your arts with us.  Film, arts and crafts, and fun.

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Cost: $10

Time: 7pm - 10pm.....7pm Mingle.....7:30pm Panel chat.....9:30pm Wrap up

Have a great idea on a script, but don't know how to start it?  Writers block on how to finish it?  Script is finished, but not sure what to do now?  Then this panel discussion might be for you.

Panel:  Mike Farris, Carolyn Hodge, John Pinder, Richard Houghton, Natasha Paris Morgan, & Mary Griffitts


Mary Griffitts is an attorney who is licensed to practice law both in Texas and Louisiana in addition to her expertise in psychology.  Prior to starting her own jury consulting firm, Ms. Griffitts was a Senior Litigation Analyst with “Dr. Phil” McGraw’s trial science firm in Dallas that handled cases such as the cattlemen’s suit against Oprah Winfrey along with other high-profile entertainment litigation.

 As a jury consultant, Ms. Griffitts helped formulate narratives for high powered litigation. She took this love of writing and put it towards writing screenplays and teleplays.  Her Scripts have placed in the Academy Awards screenplay contest, Austin Film Festival, BlueCat Screenplay competitions and she recently won a Gold Remi award for her TV pilot Spillage.

When she isn’t writing, she’s acting...and loves every minutes of being a character in someone’s narrative.

Natasha Paris Morgan has worked as a writer/script doctor on more than 20 films, as a first assistant director in more than 12, directed more than 10, and produced over 15. Her short films have been screened in 18 various national and international film festivals. Loving every aspect of the film industry, she created the Film Festival With A Twist in Montreal, worked as a board member of Women In Films Dallas, and started her first 10-week screenwriting workshop, helping others to fulfill their dreams as well.