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Welcome to Make Your Mark Studios.  Come craft your arts with us.  Film, arts and crafts, and fun.

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Date:  Jan 17 - Feb 21, 2018 (6 week class)

Time:  7 - 9:30pm

Cost - $125

The workshop will cover the basics, fundamentals and protocols. These are the standard rules and expectations of what-to-do and what-not-do in any audition. These “Do’s and Don’ts” are indeed the rock solid basic and have been taught the same way for decades. But in subsequent class sessions you will move on to advanced techniques (and rule breaking) that will help develop all actors, of all skill levels find a more clear, more “cast-able” unique performance that will make everyone stand up and take notice! They’ll know You’re-The-One! Or, The-One-To-Remember!

About Jim Blumetti –
As a coach, teacher & producer --- Jim’s two and half plus decades in the film industry working both in Hollywood and other regional markets have given him a unique perspective on how to get things done both on-screen and off. During this time period he has privately coached and mentored many other fine actors, young directors and filmmakers who continue to make a name for themselves and find success in the film industry today. Jim produces and co-produces independent film projects and operates a creative visual service with a client list of Fortune 100 accounts. Additionally, in his spare time he enjoys teaching film appreciation classes at a north Texas university.

As an actor --- He began his career in the late 80s in Los Angles with roles in independent film and television commercials. While in LA, he spent a brief time as casting assistant and intern working and learning from the highly respected, award winning casting director, Cathy Henderson who cast him in his first feature film. In the late 90s he withdrew from the industry to devote full time to his family. By 2007 however, his passion for acting was renewed and he has since appeared in roles as guest star and co-star in major network episodic television as well as many lead and supporting roles in independent film.