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Voice-Overs!  This introductory session will allow participants to take a look inside the life of a voice-over performer, as explained by one of the most prolific professionals in our area.  Learn about the jobs in the VO realm, and gain insight into the three things that are absolutely required of performers wanting to enter the highly competitive voice-over marketplace.  This session is NOT a “you will make a fortune” presentation, but rather a realistic overview for anyone who has ever wondered if they might actually have a chance of earning money with their voice. 

COST: $75

Location: Bob's Voice Over Studio in North Dallas

Bob Michaels is a full-time Dallas/Ft. Worth based narrator, voice actor, and announcer.  Since the 1980’s, he has worked in practically every facet of recorded voice performance, and today he works with clients from all over the world from his personal home studio.  Bob’s resume’ reads like a Who’s Who of Industry.  Clients like IBM, EDS, TI, Neiman Marcus, and Fujitsu are among the many companies who have utilized Bob’s voicings, everything from broadcast, commercials, industrials, documentaries, toys, games, web audio, training materials, educational multimedia, film, and numerous others.  He has been an educator, coach, and mentor to thousands of voice-over students since he became a VO instructor/coach back in the 1990’s.

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