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Saturday, July 14 @ 5-7PM; Acrylic Poured Painting Beginner

Saturday, July 14 @ 5-7PM; Acrylic Poured Painting Beginner


Taking this Beginner class is REQUIRED before taking the Advanced course on July 28. Thanks!*

Learn acrylic pouring! Warning: acrylic liquid art is addictive! This abstract form of art allows all skill levels access to making beautiful creations immediately! It is a great stimulator for everyone’s creative process. Learn simple techniques and make pieces you will be instantly satisfied with and proud to display. Handouts with notes, paints and canvases will be supplied along with the instructors email address for ongoing questions and support after the class.

Amy Artwick comes from a family of artists and studied art & performance at UTD. She paints oil portraits and acrylic abstracts. Recently she started creating acrylic liquid art. Creating jewelry and furniture is another great passion for this artist. She loves sharing her skills with others. 

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