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Arts and Crafts

Open Craft Night 6:30-8:30PM Monday-Friday

Bring your crafts to spread out, kid free, and craft without abandon.  Go GLITTER crazy at our place, not yours.  Or, come do one of our seasonal crafts. 

The Canvas Sign Paint Class Options


Film Acting

Audition Tapes and Coaching

Looking for an acting coach or someone that can coach and video tape your next audition?  Then you've come to the right place.  I've been coaching and taping auditions for over 10 years.  And as an actor, myself, I can bring something to the table as a reader for your audition.  Please email or text (fastest way) with questions or to set up an appointment.

Improv Dallas @ MyM Studios



Stage Combat




Public Speaking


Fitness at MyM


Every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30PM

unWINEd Yoga

Join us the first Friday of each month.  Come do a fun yoga session and enjoy a beverage to help you not whine after a long week.  BYOB (for afterwards)!  Couples and singles pricing.  Bring a friend or your significant other for some fun.



Birthday Parties

Kids Nights (Parents Night Out)

Ladies Nights

Team Building

Bachelorette Parties


Just 'Cause

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Film acting, acting audition tapes, coaching

Jeff Fenter- Director of Film Acting

I've been performing in Theater and Film/Commercials for over 30 years.  My sister turned me on to acting when I was 11 years old.  I watched her do a stage play of

P T Barnum that kicked off my love for acting.  I was born and raised in Texas.  I currently live in the Dallas area with my beautiful wife of 9 years Elizabeth Fenter and my 3 kiddos Sydney (16), Easton (8), and Quinnlee (5).

For more on Jeff Fenter:




Crafts, kids, Fitness, idea Extraordinaire

Elizabeth Fenter- Director of Arts and Crafts

Elizabeth loves all things arts and crafts.  She found herself at every door hanger/painting class in Plano and wanted to provide a one-stop shop for crafters, and wanna-be crafters, like herself.  She isn't afraid of a Pinterest fail, but loves the process and really loves some direction to get the results of a Home and Garden worthy craft piece.  


Are you interested in teaching a class with Make Your Mark Studios?  Contact us and let's chat!